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Home » philips lumea ipl hair removal system price and reviews

philips lumea ipl hair removal system price and reviews

philips lumea ipl hair removal system price and reviews

Smooth and hair-free skin for months
Lumea Philips device
Effective hair removal with IPL technology for smooth, hair-free skin.
Philips Lumia is a perfect and comprehensive solution for a long hair-free complexion, reducing hair growth in only 3 treatment sessions by up to 92%. Easy to use and highly effective, and has customized accessories for all areas of the body to effectively use the large areas and small areas of your body. The skin color sensor and the skin contact sensor provide double safety.

Wireless and wired use
Hair growth decreases by up to 92% in 3 sessions **
Lamp working period up to 20 years of use ***
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Philips Lumia Laser - Philips Philips - Philips Lumia - Philips Hair Removal Laser

Low hair growth after only 3-4 sessions by up to 92%
The Philips Lumia laser emits light flashes that prevent hair growth again. According to the experiences of users, it was noted that hair growth decreased significantly after 3-4 sessions of treatment applied every two weeks once, and follow the follow-up sessions every month or as needed to maintain the results and get a skin free of hair and soft.
Results after each treatment session


Hair removal is easy, safe and nice


How to Use a Philips Home Laser

Philips Lumia is easy to use and safe. Provides 5 levels of energy to choose from depending on your skin tone and comfort level. You can treat your various areas gently and effectively. And one full-body session within 20 minutes.

Four steps to start hair removal Philips Lumia:

The first step:

Shave the target area with a mosquito, hair removal machine, wax or candy before starting treatment.

The second step:
Determine the appropriate level of preparation for the color of your skin.
The third step:
Put the device vertically on the target area and wait until the device flashes signal to the readiness of the device to start work and press the flash button.
The fourth step:
Move the device over the target body areas region by region slowly and avoid repeating flashes on the area more than once.
Philips Lumia X Edition - Philips Home Laser Device - Philips Laser Device


Why Choose Philips Lumia Philips Lumea

5 reasons to choose your Philips Lumia:
- A soft hair-free complexion for several months
- Hair decline by up to 92% during only 3-4 sessions
- Double security by skin color sensor and skin matching sensor.
- Does not require spare parts, lamp life up to 20 years and no need for gel or sedatives before or after use.
- Wired and wireless use according to preference.
- Multiple accessories and customized for all areas of the body for more effective.
- Large treatment lens for faster treatment of whole body in 20 minutes.
- Two years guarantee for all Philips dealers around the world.


Buy Philips Lumia



The Philips Lumea device is ideal for you
IPL hair removal technology has been available in beauty centers since 1994. The Philips Lumia device has been developed based on this technique. Philips Lumia allows you to remove easily and safely, and have high privacy at home. The device is the culmination of experiments, research and studies 14 years in collaboration between Philips and dermatologists.
Philips Lumia has undergone numerous clinical trials on more than 2,000 women, and proven results have been obtained.
14 years
Development and research
Philips Lumia is the result of 14 years of development, studies and research. Philips Lumia was developed based on IPL.
A woman loves Lomia
With more than 1.5 million users around the world for Lumia, Philips Lumia has become the ideal solution to prevent unwanted hair growth again.


Philips Laser Hair Removal

RATING rating
User experiences indicate the device's efficiency by more than 90% and a high rating of 4.5 of 5.

Philips Laser - Philips Lumia Laser Device - Philips Lumia Home Laser


Quick comparison between Philips and Tria


Philips Lumia Hair Removal Features:

IPL is used for hair removal.
Comes with 250 thousand flash flash (models 1999-1999-2007-1997 favorite), enough for 5-7 years.
Philips gives quick results After only 4 sessions, 80% of the hair disappears.
I do not need add-ons or use gel or cream before using the device.
Painless - the highest level of energy in which causes very light stings negligible.
Comes with a large processing lens 4 cm 2 for faster processing.
The device has multiple accessories (body extension - facial extension - the extension of the bikini) for precise and quick treatment of all areas of the body. High safety and protection, due to UV filter and filter to prevent unintended flash.
The device is available in two wired / wireless versions according to preference.
Special design - light on hand.
It is the best among the home laser devices and IPL devices according to the evaluation of the women on Amazon and the global assessment sites and others, and gives very satisfactory results.


Features of Tria Hair Removal:

Uses a diode laser (real laser).
The device comes with 90,000 flash flash enough for 2-3 years use.
Quick results for hair loss by 70% after 4 sessions.
Safety and safety due to the presence of the color sensor and the ability to correct the error.
Suitable for small places due to a small size lens 0.81 cm 2.
Works wirelessly.
The evaluation of the device is high for most women and provides very satisfactory results.


Philips Lumea Attachments

Unique accessories designed to provide perfect results for all body areas

The Philips Lumia device is designed according to the unique structure of each area of ​​the body. It is the first device to provide curved and unique accessories to fit the various body surfaces to achieve the best results. The accessories vary in shape, window size and built-in filter. These accessories provide custom treatment for the body (legs, arms, abdomen) and the upper lip (chin, chin). It can also be used on the armpit and bikini areas.

Facial attachment
2 cm lens, use time – 1.5 minutes.
The face accessory is characterized by an extra UV protection filter, specially designed for a flat window for gentle and gentle use on the face. Can be used on upper lip, chin and jaw line.
Armpit extension
3 cm lens Usage time – 1.5 minutes
The extension of the armpit in the Lumia device is characterized by the special design of the arched and specially suited to follow the armpit area and areas difficult to reach for hair treatment.

Bakini supplement
3 cm lens Time of use – 2 minutes
The bikini extension has been specially designed to remove the hair of this region very effectively. Where hair in this area is thicker and denser than other areas such as legs. The bikini extension is designed with a transparent special filter for higher protection and more effective results.

Body extension
Lens size 4.1 cm Usage time – 8.5 minutes.
The body extension is designed to bend inward to perfect the skin, making it ideal and more effective for use on large areas of the body such as the legs, abdomen and back. Due to the size of the large lens lens allows the treatment of larger areas in a shorter time.

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