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Home » best philips lumea advanced sc1999 00 price and reviews

best philips lumea advanced sc1999 00 price and reviews

best philips lumea advanced sc1999 00 price and reviews

philips lumea sc1999 review

Philips Lumia SC1999 Golden Edition APL to remove facial, body and bikini hair Philips Lumia Release SC1999 The premium version comes with the skin color sensor. Hungary works with electric wire directly. 110or220 does not work for two years warranty with Phelps agent and official invoice facility to benefit from warranty. Philips Lumia Gold Developer 1999: Philips Lumia Sc1999 philips lumea sc1999

فيليبس لوميا sc1999

Philips Lumia Hair Removal comes with 250 thousand flash flash, three body, body and bikini accessories and comes with a 4 cm 2 large handle to provide full body fast treatment. The device works via wire with direct electricity connection. This version comes from Philips, Works with wire while the ninth version works wirelessly.

philips lumea sc1999 – philips lumea sc1999 reviews – philips lumea sc1999/00

Learn about the new Philips Lumia (January 2017)

The most important features of Philips Lumia 1999: philips lumea sc1999 Drop hair by 80% after only 3-4 sessions. Comes with 250 thousand flash flash enough for 5-7 years use. An electrically wired device that provides a continuous uninterrupted treatment session. Comes with 3 body, body and bikini accessories. Contains a safety system for prevention of ultraviolet radiation and unintentional flash. 5 selectable power levels as appropriate. It is painless, and the highest level in level 5 gives very light stings that can not be compared to the palms and sweeteners. Low price compared to other Philips models with the full advantage of Philips, where exactly matches the ninth version of Philips 2009, but it works with electricity while the release of 2009 wirelessly. Philips Lumia Release SC1999 vs SC2009: Comparison between Philips Lumia 1999 Standard Edition and 9th Edition 2009:

1 – Philips lumea SC2009: The best version of Philips Lumia, comes with 250 thousand flash flash, and three accessories for the body and the wave and bikini, and works wirelessly. Number of flash: 250 thousand flash flash. Accessories: Body accessory for use without neck, face accessory, and a bikini accessory. Lens size: 4 cm square. Power System: Works wirelessly, rechargeable battery.

2. Philips Lumia SC1999: Philips Lomia comes with the same specifications as the Philips Scio999 with a different charging system. The 1999 version is powered by the wire and is connected to electricity. The Philips 1999 version comes with 250 thousand Flash flash, three accessories for the body, the wave and the bikini, and works with the wire connected to electricity. Number of flash: 250 thousand flash flash. Accessories: Body accessory for use without neck, face accessory, and a bikini accessory. Lens size: 4 cm square. Power system: Works with electricity through electricity. Philips dealers around the world.

Phelps Lumia Advance gives a smooth, silky smoothness every day to the skin. The photovoltaic plant prevents hair re-growth effectively when used regularly to achieve great results in eliminating unwanted hair from the body.

Stop the growth of hair effectively and safely to the hair of the hair of a long time

Used on the body 15 minutes for the lower part of the legs

250000 light flash

Very long power cord

It is effectively adapted and safe for use in the comfort and privacy of your home

Adapt for safe and effective use in the comfort of your home

Philips Lumia Advance uses IPL technology to prevent hair growth. It is the same technique used in outpatient clinics and beauty centers. This technology has been professionally adapted from Philips for safe and efficient home use. Philips has worked with dermatologists extensively for many years to produce and develop a home Lumia device and has conducted many experiments and research in collaboration with 2,000 women to test the results of the device.

Philips Lumia Gold Edition – Philips Lumia Gold Edition – Philips Lumia Release

Enjoy soft skin every day Enjoy soft skin every day

Philips Lumia releases light light pulses targeting the roots of the hair, and while continuing to use the device gradually decrease hair, and get the skin is free of hair and smooth after the completion of treatment sessions.

Suitable for different types of hair and skin

Suitable for different types of hair and skin Lumea from Philips works effectively when used on dark, brown and black (natural) hair. Like other light-based treatment methods, Philips’s Lumea has not been proven to be red, light blond, or white / gray.

Philips Lumia Advance works effectively when used on black, brown and dark blond hair. The device can not be used on red, light blond, white and gray hair. This type of hair can not absorb light flashes from the device. The device also works effectively on white skin colors and gradations to light brown and medium. The device can not be used on dark brown medium brown, dark brown and black.


philips lumea sc1999 – philips lumea sc1999 reviews – philips lumea sc1999/00

Large window treatment for fast application

Large treatment lens for faster treatment of large body areas such as legs.

Precision safety accessory for use on the face

Accuracy accessory for extra security when used on the face The Philips Lumia Advance 1997 features a built-in light filter. The device can be used on the face securely and can be used on the upper lip, chin, cheeks and other sensitive areas of the body.

Skin color sensor for extra safety level

The skin color sensor enables you to safely use the device on all areas of the body. It recognizes the color of the chop in each area where the device passes. When the device passes on a dark area, it stops flashing to protect the skin from any damage.

Philips Lumia Gold Edition – Philips Lumia Gold Edition Developer – Philips Lumia Release

Nice treatment A nice treat Cute on your skin.

There is no cut or extra costs There is no need for replacement parts and hidden costs Phyllis Lomia offers an integrated solution that is ready for use at the touch of a button. It also requires no additional costs such as extra light bulbs or gel for use before or after treatment ie there is no extra cost for the device price.

Scroll and flash mode to use more comfortable

The scrolling and strobe feature enables you to use the device more comfortably and continuously. You can move the device only on the body areas while the device continues to flicker sequentially without the need to repeat pressure to trigger flashes in each area.

Fast and secure results

Studies conducted on a group of ladies showed a noticeable reduction in hair after only 3-4 sessions. To keep results, use once a month or two months or when needed. Personal results may vary from person to person depending on several factors.

For use on the body only

Lumia Advance is used on the body areas below the neck, armpit, back, abdomen, hands, bikini area and legs.

Five adjustable settings especially the light card

philips Lumia Advance contains five energy levels to adjust the intensity of light according to your comfort level and more gentle treatment. IPL therapy is a safe treatment of sensitive areas of the body.

sc1999 vs sc2009 – philips lumea advanced sc1997 – philips sc1999/00 lumea ipl

Specifications: Technical specifications

High performance lamp Provides> 250000 flash Accessories

Body accessory (4 cm 2) For use below the neckline Accessory precision (2 cm 2) For safe use on the face Bikini area extension (2 cm 2) Special treatment for hair in the bikini area energy

Voltage 100-240 volts the service

Guaranty Two year global warranty Usage mode

Scroll and flash For comfortable use Use wired / wireless Wired flash For use on areas with curves Areas where the machine can be used

Body areas The two arms The legs Belly Bikini The armpit Facial areas

the chin Sideburns Upper lip energy

Items attached

Instructions for use user’s Guide a bag small bag adapter 24 volts / 1500 mA Accessor Cleaning cloth Safety and adjustable settings

Integrated UV Radiation Filter Protects your skin from ultraviolet light 5 Optical power settings Adjustable to suit your skin type Embedded security system Prevents unintended flash Skin Color Sensor: Detects the color of your skin Time of use

Down the guy 8 minutes Armpit one minute Bikini line one minute Facial areas one minute Advantages

philips lumea advanced sc1999 – philips lumea 1999 review – philips lumea sc1999 amazon

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