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Philips lumea bri956 IPL Hair removal at the best price from Amazon, amazon British, Boots and eBay. check Philips bri956 specifications and results.

philips lumea bri956 best price:

You can get the philips lumea br1956 at the best price from amazon Germany – only 439 euro – visit store here

philips lumea bri 956 amazon uk – 499 GBP- visit store here

philips lumea br1956 amazon españa – 529 euro – visit store here

Philips lumea Bri953 &bri954 Best Price from amazon british, Germany, Amazon Usa, boots and other top stores – black friday Deal:

Amazon UK – £369 – see it in Amazon

boots – £269- visit store here

aragos – £299 – visit store here

johnlewis – £299 – visit store here

Philips lumea prestige bri956 & bri953 & bri950 are the three Top Philips lumea IPL Devices, and the latest version on the Lumea IPL.
Philips Bri 956 is The best of Lumea Models, because it have 4 Attachments for Face, Body, Under arm, and Bikini. It has 250,000 flashes, And you can use the Bri956 wired or Wireless.This version features unique and arched accessories to match the curves of the body and difficult areas in it. with smart SmartSkin sensor which can read your skin color and set best energy. results can be seen after 2-3 sessions with up to 92% hair reduction. it come with 2 Years warranty from Philips worldwide.

Philips lumea prestige ipl hair removal device – 4 attachments

philips lumea bri956 prestige
philips lumea prestige bri956 price at amazon and ebay and boots and argos

Philips lumea prestige ipl bri956 00 black friday Deals:

Black Friday is the best chance to get At home Laser Machine especially the Philips lumea , every Year in this time we see big discounts for Philips lumea IPL devices from amazon, boots, and argos. This year we have great deals too,

Philips lumea bri956 Available at amazon Germany from 499 euro – see it in Amazon de

520£ – amazon UK – visit store here

429€ – amazon fr – visit store here

529€ – amazon es – visit store here

$588 – Amazon usa – visit store herek” background=”#db0930″ size=”6″ rel=”nofollow”]visit store here[/su_button]

$599 – walmart – visit store here

The Philips bri956 4 accessories not available at Boots Nor Argos.

Philips lumea prestige ipl hair removal device – 4 attachments:

bri956 from philips is the best At home IPL hair removal, with all features you need and more.

Here is an explanation of the most important specifications and information about the device in terms of operation, areas of use, time of use, number of flashes, working system, energy, and others.

Technical specifications for philips lumea bri956 / 60

Number of flashes: 250,000 flashes.

Body Areas where bri956 / 60 can be used:
Body: arms – legs – abdomen – back.
Face areas: chin – upper lip – lower jaw line
Sensitive areas: underarm – bikini

bri956 Accessories:

Body treatment accessory:

Shape: curved interior concave to keep track of different body divisions, allowing areas such as legs, arms, and abdomen to be effectively covered.
Treatment Window size: 4.1 cm2

Facial treatment accessory:

Shape: flat
Window size: 2 cm2,
Additional filter

Armpits treatment accessory

Cambered arched out to reach hard-to-reach places under the armpits
Window size: 3 cm2

Bikini Line accessory:

Form: curved convex outside to treat the bikini area.
Window size: 3 cm2
Additional filter

Philips Lumia Prestige, Philips Lumia X br1956, Philips Lumia X edition

Application mode
this device can be used in two modes:
Slide and Flash: this when you want a quick application, to finish session quickly.
Stamp and Flash: when you want to treat small areas like underarms, face, etc.
Philips bri956 Power Use:
this machine can be used Both cordless and corded use.

lumea br1956 Safety and energy settings

this model has high safety system, contain:
Integrated UV filter that help protecting your skin from UV light
it has five light energy settings to choose best that suit your skin type and comfort.
It has Integrated system that Prevent unintentional flashing
Skin Tone sensor that ensure your skin suitable for device supported colors
the new SmartSkin sensor that check your skin tone and suggest the best setting.

Lumea Prestige Application time

Can be used at short time to help achive your treatment session quick:
Lower legs take: 8,5 min
Armpit area: 2,5 min
Bikini line take: 2 min
Face areas: 1,5 min
device may take more time in the first 2-4 sessions until you got used of the device, then you got more faster.

Device Power: Voltage: 100-240 Voltage

What included with the bri 956 :

Philips lumea bri956 device.
4 Attachments.
User manual
Luxurious pouch
Adapter (19.5V / 4000mA)

Device Warranty: it come with two years worldwide warranty from Philips.

philips lumea prestige bri953 vs bri956 vs bri950:

bri950bri953 bri956
2 Attachments3 Attachments4 Attachments
250,000 flashes
up to 92% hair reduction after 3-4 sessions
Can be used corded or cordless
smartSkin sensor

Philips lumea prestige bri956 / 60

philips lumea prestige bri956 review
philips lumea prestige bri956 ipl hair removal

philips lumea bri956 60 with 4 accessories is 10th Edition and it’s the best version of Philips and the best home laser device, provides quick results that appear after two sessions, and has 250000 flashes for more than 20 years, with four lenses (attached heads) for use on small and large areas of the body comfortably ( accessory head for facial areas with a size of 2 cm, an accessory head for the underarm area 3 cm, an accessory head for the bikini line area 3 cm, and an extension head with a size of 4.1 cm for use on all areas of the body below the neck, and is characterized by the ability to use with or without a wire, in addition to the automatic energy adviser.

Advantages of Philips Lumia bri956:

The most prominent advantages and capabilities of the Philips bri956 ipl that distinguishes it from all home laser devices are as follows:

– A large number of flashes 250 thousand flashes.
– 4 attachments for different body areas, (body, face, armpits and bikini).
– fast hair removal 80-92% of hair after 3-4 sessions of use.
– You can Use with or without a wire.
– smartSkin sensor to suggest energy level that suit skin color.

Disadvantages of Philips Lumia bri956 60:

– The price of the device is a little high.
– A small number of users complained about (the device warms up a bit during use) and (a little loud).
– It is not suitable for dark body colors, and is not suitable for light hair colors white, gray, blonde and red.

philips bri956, philips lumea bri956, Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956

Philips lumea bri956 price:

Philips Lumia 10 br1956 4 lenses can be purchased from Amazon at discounted price:

Philips Lumia Prestige bri956 Amazon/

439 euro -amazon Germany- see it in Amazon de

$588 – Amazon usa – visit store here

499€ – amazon es – visit store here

489€ – amazon fr – visit store here

499€ – amazon it – visit store here

520£ – amazon UK – visit store here

philips lumea prestige bri956 boots uk

not available, you can buy the bri954 from boots with discount

£269- visit store here

philips lumea prestige bri956 argos uk

not available, you can buy the bri954 from argos with discount

£299 – visit store here

tell us your question about the Philips hair removal ipl bri956, may be we can help.

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