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philips lumea prestige bri956 review and Price

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956:

The two models (Lumea Prestige BRI956, BRI959) come in exactly the same specifications.

Comes with 4 attachments and unique accessories: body accessory 4.1 cm 2, face accessory 2 cm 2, armpit area extension 3 cm 2, accessory area bikini line 3 cm 2.

Comes with 250 thousand flashes. With a skin color sensor and a Smart Skin sensor, both wired and non-wired.

Comes with a small luxury bag and a universal warranty for two years.

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New Philips Lumia Laser (January 2017 version). lumea prestige review

Philips Lumia Prestige:

The new version of the Philips Lumia Hair Removal Device was released on 15 January 2017 in three models: BRI956, BRI953, and BRI950.

The new version of Philips Lumia does not have a fundamental change in the technology used or the number of flashes but comes with a new design and stylish and distinctive and other additions, here are the highlights of the new version of Philips Lumia.

  • The possibility of working the device wire or wireless.
  • The new design has sleek and curved lens accessories shape, convex and concave to suit different body areas.
  • Color sensor and skin contact sensor to provide more safety when used.
  • The size of the lens is slightly larger 4.1 cm 2 instead of 4 cm 2, 3 cm 2 for armpit extension and bikini instead of 2 cm 2.
  • Results slightly faster 92% of hair disappeared after 3 sessions, rather than in previous releases 80% disappeared after 4 sessions.
  • The prices of the new equipment are between £ 320-575.
  • The full review of the new Philips Lumia (three versions) can be found on the new models and their places of purchase.

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