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philips advanced bri921/00 lumea ipl review & Price for Hair removal

at home philips lumea bri921 hair removal review & price

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philips lumea bri 921 is the new edition of philips lumea IPL system that release in Nov 2018 with some new additions that differ this model from previous philips lumea models, you can find here all info you need to know about Philips Lumea BRI921 IPL system.
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philips lumea bri 921 Features:

philips lumea bri 921

philips lumea bri 921

  • Hairless for at least 3 months.
  • 85% hair reduction after only 3 treatments.
  • Can be used for Face and Body
  • it contain skin tone sensor.
  • It take only 15 min to treat both lower legs.
  • It come with Satin pen trimmer for free

Philips lumea bri921 give about 85% hair reduction after only 3 treatments sessions, and after about 7 treatments you can get 100% hair reduction. after that to keep this result for ever, you should get one treatment every 2-3 months to get off any new hair.

Philips bri 921 ipl system can be used on black, dark blonde and brown hair. It can’t be used on light blonde, white, red or grey hair.
the Philips lumea advanced bri921 system can’t be used on dark skin.

You Can buy the Philips lumea bri921/00 IPL from Amazon Stores in special Price:

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1277 AED – Amazon UAE – Check Today’s Price Here

244 Euro – Amazon Germany- Check Today’s Price Here


Philips Lumea BRI921 Specifications:

Application areas: it can be used on:

Body areas:
– Bikini
– Underarms
– Arms
– Legs
– Belly

Face areas
– Chin
– Sideburns
– Upper lip

Philips Lumea BRI921 Attachments:

it comes with two attachments:
– Body attachment (4 cm2) For use below the neckline
– Face attachment (2 cm2) For use below the eyes

BRI921 Application mode:

– Slide and Flash: used for easy motion application, on large body area like legs and arms.

– Stamp and Flash: used for treatment on curvy and small areas.

Corded / cordless use: Corded use only.


Bri 921 Application time on body areas:

– Bikini 4 min.
– Underarm: 2.5 min
– Face areas: 2 min
– Lower leg: 15 min

Philips Bri921 Safety and adjustable settings:

the lumea bri921 has high safety because it has:

– Integrated UV filter
– Protects skin from UV light
– 5 light energy settings you can chose what suite you.
– Adjustable to your skin type
– It has an Integrated safety system that Prevent unintentional flashing
– it contain Skin Tone sensor that Detects your skin tone.

Voltage: 100-240 V

Philips lumea bri 921 included:

– User manual
– Pouch for storage.
– 24 V/1500 mA Adapter
– small Cleaning cloth for device lens.
– Pen trimmer.

the Bri921 comes with 2 years global warranty.

you can share your thoughts in the comments and we are happy to offer more of what interest you.


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